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Girl Accuses Kisses From Boyfriend for DUI

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By StraightDUI Staff on 6/3/2008

You may have thought you’ve heard it all, but here’s something that takes the cake. After swerving in and out of her lane, Gianna Vigliotti was pulled over by the police in Manhasset, New York on Friday night, May 27, 2008, for a DWI, but protested that she wasn’t drunk. Instead, in the police report, the young lady claimed that she wasn’t drinking at all, but instead said she was kissing her boyfriend who was drunk.

Breathalyzer Reading Twice the Limit

Her response was nothing short of creative, but according to court documents, the 17-year-old girl, recorded a .15 blood alcohol level when taking a Breathalyzer, which is twice the legal limit of .08. We’ve all heard it said that a lover’s kiss can be very intoxicating, but could that kiss really have been the cause of a DUI? Well, according to Ms. Vigliotti, that’s exactly what happened. Her claim was that she had kissed her boyfriend who had been drunk, and it caused her to have alcohol on her breath. Charged with a DWI in Nassau County, the police officer wasn’t buying it when he found four full beer bottles under the passenger seat of her Volkswagen along with an empty beer can in her purse. She was then placed under arrest, yet pleaded not guilty on the following day.

Released to Probation Without Bail

Ms. Vigliotti was released to probation without bail and is due in court on June 18th, 2008. According to the 17 year olds attorney, Dennis Lemke of Minneola, the girl and her family are devastated by the charge. He criticized the decision to distribute her arrest information to the media. To quote the attorney: “To now have it publicized is not only embarrassing, but demeaning as well,” he said. “We expect it to be resolved in the near future.”

Nassau County’s DWI Wall of Shame

Ms. Vigliotti was swept up in Nassau County’s DWI crackdown campaign to publicly announce DWI arrests, complete with the arrestee’s names, hometowns and mug shots in an effort to deter drunk driving. According to the Nassau County Executive’s office, the Wall of Shame program may continue well into the foreseeable future. Hopefully, others will take the program to heart, which may keep people from drinking and driving.

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